Swanky Giftbook

Welcome From the Founder & Director,

Taaya Griffith

"I started creating a few books just like these, over 5 years ago & the reaction from the recipients blew me away."

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"As they read through their personalised gift book, it was not unusual to see adults crying (tears of joy), laughing loudly, smiling (or all of the above). 

I wanted other people to experience this wonderful gift book and share it with their loved ones too.


There are many occasions throughout the years to celebrate those who are special to us. The aim is that our collection can cater for as many of these occasions as possible."

You too can enjoy sharing a book with someone you care about. Thank you so much for visiting the Swanky Giftbook website. I hope you have a truly wonderful  experience with us.

With best wishes


Taaya Marjorie Griffith

Founder - Illustrator &  Managing Director

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